Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria below can apply or be referred for admission into the Fellowship cadre after paying the prescribed processing fees:

  1. All candidates must have been Registered Facility Managers (RFM) for at least Ten (10) years.
  2. Must have attended at least five (5) AGMs and actively participated in the Association’s activities.
  3. Must have written and presented at least four (4) technical/ management papers at the Association’s conferences or other local and international FM conferences and publications.
  4. Must have worked on some outstanding projects (that stand out from the ordinary).
  5. Attended or taught yearly facility management courses or workshops.
  6. Financial status must be consistent. There must be evidence of consistency in the payment of dues in the last five (5) years before application.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate experience held and their contribution and impact in the broader industry based on the following:

  1. Scene Setting: Explain key strategic and influential responsibilities and accountability within a recent position.
  2. Strategy: Illustrate your strategic influence within an organization, including examples of projects or strategies that have impacted on the financial performance, efficiencies, and customer experience.
  3. Leadership: Highlight how you have effectively led a team or significant initiative to achieve business success.
  4. Change Management: Describe a significant and successful change management program that you have led.
  5. Business Continuity and Compliance: Provide demonstrable examples of how you have developed or impacted on an effective risk strategy, policies and protocols to maintain compliance with legislative, statutory, and regulatory obligations in line with best practice.
  6. Contribution and Impact: Reflect on your contribution to the profession or broader built environment, either through an organization or in a voluntary capacity. Identify how you will continue to contribute to the Institute or profession in a promotional or ambassadorial role.