About Max-Migold

Founded 16 years ago, Max-Migold is one of the best facilities management company in Nigeria and also among the top 10 most recognized outsourcing organization for facility management in Africa.

Our goal is to offer the best facilities management services worldwide, and we do this through professional advisory/consulting, training, inspection, and with the latest technology available.

We’ve trained and certified over 500 professionals, offering support to a vast majority of young facility managers in our growing community. We also provide support to multi-national companies as well as Nigerian businesses aiming to reduce expenses, achieve sustainability, and improve their human resources.

Our services are realistic, results-oriented and yields an immediate return on investment and they include facilities management advisory, energy management advisory, building and property inspections, equipment management, cost-benchmarking, manpower supply, recruitment, and facilities maintenance.

Visit https://maxmigold.com/ to learn more about Max-Migold.